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'George on Jessica'

George was in a very good mood on this fine morning and he remarked how he had a "feeling" it was going to be a good day, and boy he wasn't wrong, five minutes after he said that the 22 year old Jessica walked in, a pretty biology student from a small village near the mountains with big brown eyes you could drown in and a very petite and trim frame. George de-robed the cute young teen, laid her on his massage table and began to explore her horny tanned body and perfect feet which he spent a while massaging, but Jessica had plans of her own and she soon laid on her back with her legs in the air inviting George to lick her young hole, which of course he did with pleasure while she moaned and yelped as she came all over his tongue. Soon she was helping George put his hard dick into her wet pussy and holding her legs back as he gave her what she wanted, again and again in various positions until he couldn't hold on any longer and blew his load up her sweet slit. I must get George to predict my future sometime!

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