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'George on Silvie'

Some people brighten up a room when they walk in it, and others make jaws drop to the floor, well on this particular day we experienced both as the stunning Silvie Delux walked in to see us. She stands an elegant 5ft10 with a gorgeous model's body and a face you can only describe as supermodel perfect. When she stripped off we were all in awe of her pert firm breasts and slender tanned body, and so was George who got stuck in straight away and started paying immediate attention to her bosom. But it wasn't long before he had to make a b-line for her neat little pussy, stretching open her lips and slipping his fingers deep inside her, which she loved, responding with a gasp of air and a sexy groan. After a short while George found himself getting a hand job by this beauty and before he exploded all over her he got her on top and sunk his hard meat deep inside, this rampant behaviour carried on for quiet a while from position to position until George finally succumbed to the beauty that laid before him and blew his load right up inside her.

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