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The job screwing

Naked Girlfriends

I thought that today will be another boring day at my job… But it proved to be a very exciting one! At the closing hour I was alone in the office with my very juicy brunette partner. I have always found her very provocative with her big round tits, long legs, naughty ass and juicy lips. And I was wondering how it would be to have my cock sucked by this erotic dame! And today I received my answer… It was one of the best blowjobs ever! She started to lick my dick, with her wet hot tongue… to lick my cock` s head… and then she suddenly grabbed the dick with her mouth and suck it so passionately and with so much eager! I could feel my cum coming and that is when she took the cock and put it towards her face. She rubbed my phallus till all my hot cum was on her pretty face! Would you like such an office partner?

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