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Going Green with Your Sex Doll

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With the rise in environmental degradation, it’s high time every person adopted an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This simply means ‘going green’ in our day to day lives. Taking up a green lifestyle also encompasses one’s sexual life be it with a fellow human or a sex doll.

But, how does a manufactured product like a sex doll go green? After all, aren’t they going to be disposed at some point in the future? The answer is, maybe. However, that doesn’t imply that you can’t adopt measures that will make sure your love doll is environmentally friendly as possible. Just like all the other manufactured products, it just takes making sound choices.

In this review, we highlight for you some guides. Read on…

Instead of Replacing, Repair

It’s quite evident that nowadays, people don’t consider fixing things anymore. Instead, when things are destroyed/damaged, they tend to dispose of them and purchasing a new replacement instead of repairing it. However, as your grandpa would affirm to you, that’s turned out to be a big problem.

Would you believe if we told you that your love doll could be fixed in many ways? Here! We have experienced professionals who can reinstate your damaged sex doll back to a faultless functioning state. Even better, when worn out, removable sex doll parts such as the vagina can be changed. That simply means you could dispose of only the vajayjay instead of replacing the whole love doll.

Kindly, reach out to us in case anything is damaged in your sex doll and we will advise you to either ship the doll to us for fixing or ship you a particular part to change yourself. This is beneficial as it will help you hold on to the doll you adore, reserve your money, and you’ll add just a minute amount of waste into your locally collected litter.

Both Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls Are Environmentally Friendly

That’s right! Both are manufactured products but in comparison to plastic and rubber products, they are the green alternative. These dolls are durable, they touch and feel more realistic, and are lack phthalates (an ester of phthalic acid).

What really comes off as environmentally friendly is your ultimate satisfaction as a customer. In simple words, the merrier your sex doll males you, the longer you’ll stay with it and you won’t dump it in the waste landfill.

Only Buy Quality Sex Dolls

While Fandollssex doll site offers sexy dolls with an impressive value to our customers, we understand that they aren’t that cheap. This is dues to the fact that we commit to selling quality products that will satisfy your expectations. The sex dolls from our store are long-lasting, often modified to your desires and built from medically graded material. We don’t offer cheap and insubstantial dolls in our store.

We believe that one of the environmentally friendly acts you can do is to purchase a good quality product. By doing that, you are supporting companies that endeavor to be environmentally friendly. And at our company, we are always sorting for techniques to think green. That includes but not limited to supporting our suppliers to be conscious and accountable in looking for materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing.

Cautiously Throw Away Your Sex Doll

Although sad to say, at some point in the future, you’ll finally be forced to dispose of your sex doll. The good news is, however, that won’t be for many years to come. When that time comes, we kindly ask you to use any of the following instructions to dispose or recycle your love doll:

  1. Dump her in the dump or trash.
  2. Send her to a used love doll recycling center.
  3. Sell her off to another person who might be willing to buy a used sex doll.

As you’ve realized, it’s very possible to either recycle or sell your love doll to another user.

In Conclusion

The majority of our clients use sexy clothing and makeup to modify their sex dolls. We believe that anything that would aid you in having an unforgettable experience with your love doll is a great idea. However, if you’re considering to take this direction, kindly make your orders with great care. Purchase green and cruelty-free makeup and clothes. It will go a long way in promoting an environmentally healthy planet.

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