Thong obsession

Naked Girlfriends

I have to admit that nothing turns me on like some sexy silky thong! What my irlfriend doesn’t knows is that I use to sneak into her room, when she is not home, I open the drawers with the thong and I smell and touch all her underwear! As I open the drawers I already can feel my dick turning on! I take the colored thongs one by one and I touch them as I would touch the hottest pussy possible… I love to take the thong at rub it on my erect cock like I would rub a wet pussy that is ready to be fucked! Sometimes it happens to be there some worn thong and I love to smell it because the smell of a pussy really makes to lose my minds! Then I took out my cock and start to rub it harder and harder till I cum… Do you also love the thongs? Or just the panties? 🙂

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